"Must your organization rapidly grow
its revenues and profits?"

     The pressure on your organization is relentless.
     Excuses are not an option.
     Each month threatens to put you further in the hole.
     The results expected go beyond, what you have been doing.

What you need
     Your organization needs a growth strategy.
     One that builds upon your successes, but is not blinded by them.
     A comprehensive plan that integrates all of your initiatives.
     With measurable actions.
     A strategy that is clear, cogent, and compelling!
     One that asks for the order and gets you what you need.

We can help!
     This is our specialty.
     We have an excellent track record of making it happen for our clients.
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"Our organization grew from $150M to over $600M in less than five years, by following our strategy. Mulvey Consulting Group made heroes of us all." Basile Papaevangelou, President, AlliedSignal Aerospace, Canada.

Sounds good, but you may want to know...

"How do you get a compelling growth strategy?"

Your options range from bad to excellent.

Option 1 is Bad: Rename the Operating Budget Process.
     This approach leads nowhere.
     A five year budget is still a budget, not a strategy for winning.
     Is it an analysis of competitor dynamics? No.
     Market forces shaping your industry? No.
     Budgets make the future look like the past.
     Be honest about it. Will anything be the same in five years?
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Option 2 is Poor: Make some templates and hold an off-site session where everyone can brainstorm.
     The most common and generally least successful approach.
     Your company is not stalled because of a lack of templates.
     Filling in forms is easy.
     Original strategic thinking, now that is difficult.
     Conclusions based on fact, also difficult.
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Option #3 is Marginal: Have a large consulting firm do it.
     Popular view at the multi-billion dollar corporate level.
     You give them millions, they give you their plan.
     Unfortunately, it is their plan, not yours.
     Your people do not want to be stuck with someone elseís plan.
     So the plan sits on the shelf. Surprised? Happens every day.
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Option #4 is Acceptable: Hire a VP of Strategy.
     This is approach can succeed, to some degree.
     Many strategist understand the importance of solid analysis.
     An outsider is not blinded by paradigms invisible to you.
     Yet, itís a permanent solution to a temporary problem.
     A six month strategy effort should be valid for 18 months more.
     So why pay for 24 months when you only need six.
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Option #5 is Excellent: Rent a Strategy Coach
     What you need is a credible plan for growth.
     A strategy that clear, cogent, and compelling.
     For a world-class strategy all you need is a strategy coach.
     We guide your people in the use of best practices for growth.
     Best of all, the plan actually gets implemented.
     The plan is done by your own brightest people.
     It is their plan. They believe in it and want to make it happen.
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"We knew we needed to do something different, but did not like our options until we connected with Mulvey Consulting. Mulvey showed us how to think strategically for ourselves." Gus Halas, CEO Clore Automotive

So, you may be wondering...

Whatís in it for me?

     Think about it!
     How would you benefit by being the internal team leader of an effort that
       dramatically increases your sales and profits?

     Your career would accelerate.
     Executives would clearly see your contribution.
     Your teamís analyses shaped your organizationís future.
     Your credit will be recognized and deserved as it has been for past clients.
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"The visibility and career options that opened to me were unimagined. Management saw me and I saw myself, at a whole new level of capability." Kevin Delaney, then Systems Engineer, now President of Derby Industries.


What makes Mulvey Consulting unique?

     Unlike big firms, we send you only one person, a specialist.
     This Senior Consultant becomes your teamís Strategy Coach.
     Your coach will work along side your internal team.
     Daily, your coach guides several of your brightest people.
     They are taught proven best practices of world-class firms.
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“We looked at big firms, but Mulvey Consulting proved the right choice. We are now clearly recognized as innovators in strategic thinking and growth prospect leadership.” Peggy Nelson, Director, Systems Development Operation, TRW.

What results should you expect.

     The result is a plan that actually gets implemented!
     The fact-based conclusions are yours.
     The actions are developed by the very people who will execute them.
     You have a real growth strategy.
     You will ask your executives for the order and youíll get it!
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Are you ready to...

Join the Excitement of a
Corporate War-room Experience

     Driving your organizationís growth
     Imagine working daily in a visual workspace.
     Every wall exclaiming your findings to visiting executives.
     Analyses tailored to your industry, Competitors, Technology, Customers, Market
       Forces, Market Segmentation

     You could be leading the Core Analytical Team.
     You could become intimately involved in all the key decisions that will drive your
       organization forward.

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"The role of war-room leader has been one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of my career." Rick Sarpolus, Vice President, Marketing, EMP Systems L3 Communication

"Can this approach be...

Tailored for my Organization?"

"I thought our business might be too unusual, being a member-based consortium of independent service providers, but Mulvey Consulting came through for me and my Board of Directors. Mulvey can rapidly establish credibility with the toughest of clients." Ann Martin, President, United Van Lines of Canada.

"How do we decide that this is right for us?"

     Just call to set up a brief introductory telecon.
     We will listen to your concerns and unique situation.
     We can give you special access to our website to download a white paper or
       presentation to help you engage your internal executives.

     You share your research on us with your management.
     Next a 15-20 minute teleconference with your key internal decision maker.
     This may result in an invitation to your site by the Senior Consulting Executive
       assigned to serve your needs.

     We will then submit a proposal for your decision.

"How can we win more proposals?"

Three pieces are essential:
     Clear market segment strategy, identifying which targets are worth pursuing and
     which to avoid

     Comprehensive discriminator plan that integrates IR&D, B&P, Marketing
     expenditures, and leverages today’s Program Extensions

     Integrated themes utilizing Strategy Pyramids that drive Customer Relationship
     Management, pre-shape and eventually win RFPs with compelling proposals

Government contractors have special needs and Mulvey Consulting Group can provide the tailored solutions.
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Simply click the Get Started Button and we can begin to support your winning proposal efforts.

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