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What is it like to work in a war-room?

To borrow a motto from the Peace Corps, it is the toughest job you’ll ever love. Working in a war-room on a strategic growth plan is one of the most exciting and career-building assignments you can experience. You will work with a cross-section of talent from across your organization. You will interact routinely with executives who will get to know you and appreciate your skills. You will tackle the most critical issues facing your organization.

Every organization is different. Consequently, the analyses you conduct will be tailored to your unique situation. As you can imagine, companies in aerospace are very different than retail sales. Nevertheless, they principles of winning are the same. Understand how serve the right customers in ways that profitably differentiate you from competitors. You will define your competencies and the market forces you face externally, while examining the internal barriers to growth that you must plan to overcome.

Be advised however, that the work is hard and requires diligence, patience, and fortitude. It is sometimes tedious and often iterative, as you build a complete thought structure for the future vision of your organization.

Those who work daily in the war-room are the CATs, members of the Core Analytical Team. Each tam member will take the lead in particular analyses and be empowered to recruit others (Kittens) who have special subject matter expertise to help develop an answer to a key strategic question.

When completed, you will be one of a handful of people who truly understand how your organization wins and losses, and what to do about it. You will be credited with helping to formulate the game plan for your organization’s future.

Also, you will understand the fundamentals of strategy like few executives every do. Your perspective on the world and about yourself, will expand dramatically. If there is an opportunity to be a part of such an undertaking, I urge you to take the initiative and seize it.


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