Government Contractors Have Special Needs

Unlike business-to-business or business-to-consumer clients, Government Contractors face special challenges. Whether the customer is part of the DoD or the Intel community, the competitive landscape is in constant flux.

Military personnel change every three years. The contractor’s own talent is routinely changing. Organizations are being acquired with mixed levels of acquisition assimilation and the potential for new internal competition for missions and resources.

Despite increased budgets in the aftermath of September 11th, the Intel and Air Force organizations are undergoing transformations of their own and even trusted classified contractors have stiff competition. This dynamic environment demands three things: a market segment growth strategy, an integrated differentiation plan, and a CONOPS for pre-shaping and successfully pursuing RFPs in a way that drives Customer Relationship Management.

Market Segment Growth Strategy

In the Process section of this website, we describe in detail how market segment strategy is developed within the context of the whole business. It involves:

     an understanding of market size and what makes it both attractive and a fit for
    your competencies;

     market forces analysis and customer dynamics,
     competitive positioning with respect to those specific domains of value to
     the customer

     both a target and a technology roadmap
     the specific strategies based on competitively differentiated offerings and
    financial justification

     and a detailed action plan of accountability

Discriminator Development Plan

What you need to do is occupy a specific position in the minds of your customers decision makers and influencers. Ask yourself some tough questions:

     In which category or technology does your organization want to be regarded as the
    world-class recognized leader? Do not kid yourself. If the next RFP is not perceived
    as “yours to lose”, then you are not the world-class recognized leader in that field.

     Does your IR&D and B&P shift about constantly? Guess what? You are not the

     Does the person responsible for your market segment manage the Program
     Extensions that drive the advancement in the state-of-the-art? Then you are not the

There are 10 things you need to perform, to build a credible Discriminator Development Plan that will enable you to lead your fields of specialty. We can coach you in what they are and how to achieve them.

Integrated Winning Proposal Themes

The same logic and communication principles that make a business strategy clear, cogent, and compelling can also be used to make Proposals clear, cogent, and compelling; and by compelling we mean: you are chosen as the winner.

We apply the thought structure and management consulting tool used by the best strategists around the world, Strategy Pyramids. This methodology is even more powerful when applied before an RFP is drafted, to drive Customer Relationship Management.

Imagine the power of having aligned your discriminators into an integrated offering, making your unique competitive advantages inseparable from the customers perceived needs. That is the ideal time for your customer to begin drafting the RFP.

Simply click the Get Started Button and we can begin to support your winning proposal efforts.

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