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“How do I get a compelling growth strategy?”

Option #5 is Excellent: Rent a Strategy Coach
Basically, by renting a Strategy Coach you can get all of the benefits of the previous options with none of the downsides. You get a plan you can implement because it is developed by your own people, thus ensuring buy-in. You get all of the world-class analyses of big consulting firms, without paying millions. And you do not pay for the addition of permanent employees.

Beyond these benefits, you get a team of bright employees who have been trained in understanding how your company really works. They have been trained to see and understand strategic decisions and trade-offs. They will become your next generation of junior executives. Most people who participate on the Core Analytical Team working in the war-room, get promoted immediately after the strategic growth plan is delivered. This is not surprising. The Core Team intimately understands where your company will be heading and what it needs to do to grow. That knowledge is extremely valuable.

It is the stuff of which fast track careers are made!


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