What Makes Mulvey Consulting Unique?

Traditional Large Firms
Consulting firms have well developed business models. The Mulvey Consulting Group’s model stands in stark contrast to those of big firms. Big firms have huge overhead costs: office complexes, global conferences, Senior Partners, Partners, Associate Partners, Junior Partners, Engagement Managers, Human Resources, Graphics & Publications, Advertising & Promotion, and on and on. To sustain all this, clients must pay. Their business model is thus based on “billable hours”. The more “bodies” they can assign to your project, the more money they collect from you. Not surprisingly, “contracts” usually state that you will basically pay for whatever they bill you, and there is almost never a guaranteed maximum.

The more experienced people are very expensive ($4,500 to $6,000 per day plus expenses) and thus are rarely used. It is very junior people just out of college who do almost all the work. These junior professionals are very smart, but they are very green and do not know your business the way that your own people do. By the end of the assignment, they will know your business and you will have paid for them to learn about your markets, products, technology and competitors. They are then free to consult elsewhere in your industry.

Our Approach
Using a completely different business model, The Mulvey Consulting Group will send you one senior executive. A person who has a long track record of working closely with companies in dozens of industries. Instead of training someone else’s people in your business, we train your people in how to apply the methodologies of world-class consulting firms to develop their own solid plan for growth.

We set up a war-room where the team will meet, conduct analyses, post findings on the walls, and conduct executive briefings. In essence you are paying only for what you want, a fact-based growth plan that has your people’s dedication to implement. Our business model ensures it.

We quickly define the scope of the assignment, the specific deliverables, and the resources required. We establish a start date, an end date, and progress reviews in between. We act as your coach providing you with proven processes that will ensure your organization’s strategic growth.


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