Our Process

Our process is completely tailored to the unique needs and situation of our client. In every case, the process is adapted and never the same. Nevertheless, there are some aspects common to virtually all strategic growth plans that are depicted in the schematic below.

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Usually there are customers who have needs and competitors who stand to thwart you. Most organizations collect anecdotal stories of what customers want or why competitors win or lose. Rarely are these documented with factual analysis. We will do just that. There are many arrows in our analytical quivers and we will choose those that best fit your intentions.

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Similarly, many business never question which market segments they actually serve or investigate which additional segments are worthy of pursuit. Together we can determine which segments best fit and which are most attractive. The criteria for each are different.

Often, many of the reasons that your organization is not growing fast enough, involve internal barriers that are rarely examined and tackled systematically as part of an integrated growth initiative. Together we will tackle them.

Sometimes an organization needs to expand into alternate geographic regions. This too we can investigate.

In all cases, we will develop a Strategic Growth Pyramid. This tool is a powerful mechanism for crystallizing a coherent thought-structure for your business. It visually aligns all key initiatives, and tactical plans to expand or penetrate market segments. At our first meeting, I will give a short tutorial on Strategy Pyramids.

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